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human_take_away_engWhat if we were cattles grazing for someone who needs a lot of of food? How would we feel if it had been us to be raised for the whole time waiting for the moment to be slaughtered? This is the spark that gives the authors a chance to talk about the human spirit, which can show at the same time great love and indiscriminate, ruthless selfishness. In this original parody of an alien invasion, we follow the short story of a couple bound by deep love, and of the tragic decision taken by the heads of state to face the invasion. Two apparently unconnected stories that will join in the end for the good of the human race. So, this is a story to be read in one gulp, with many ironic and paradoxical facets, a pinch of sadness and an ending that costed dearly to the two authors. (review by Cosimo Vitiello).


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